Question from iidjx

Asked: 4 years ago

How to get weeding crasher achievment?

Me and one of my friends tried it and he lines up perfectly with the chairs and when i charge the charger either stops after a few chairs or just goes through them all. Help Please

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From: 666Ultima666 4 years ago

Make your friend stand in front of a group of chairs and charge him through 8 of them

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In versus mode as a charger charge an enemy threw eight chair at the witch wedding. It takes some good timing may take a few try,s to get. I suggest cheating using the second controller sign in as a guest in a versus match and position yourself in front of the chair and then charge yourself getting the achievement

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you can always cheat. Or you can ask 4 help. and one last way to do it learn to be a better charger.

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