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Asked: 4 years ago

Offline Co-op?

Can you play this new campaign in offline co-op mode or is this just for online only? I recently got the Crash Course add on for L4D1 and it doesn't work offline... I just assumed it must be for online only....? So I was just wondering if this campaign is for online only too... ???

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Yes it works off-line co-op but crash course is too so either ur xbox isn't working right or you haven't really downloaded it right

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Try deleting and re downloading your crash course, both of these packs work offline (just dont expect any new mutations in the passing.)

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Frosty y wouldnt he expect new mutations thats the 2nd biggest attraction for this pack

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Yes. You can play this offline. FYI, if you also try a private match in versus with split screen, you can not play as infected.

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