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How can you see my sims when they go to work?

When I follow my sims to there job, I try to zoom inside the building and all I see is an empty lot. Is that suppose to happen or is it a glitch?

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GamerGirlie101 answered:

Yeah it's supposed to happen. You can't see inside the building or what their doing, but you can choose what you want them to do at work. In case you don't know how, just go to the action that says their working, and press B as if to cancel it, but don't. Instead press X, and there you can choose what you want them to do at work. You can usually only make them improve their relationship with their coworkers or boss, work really hard (which gives them bad moodlets after a while) or work regulary, or slack off. Some jobs have extra choices though, like if your a chef you can work on your cooking skill, and if your athlete then you can work out at work. Anyway, hope this helps.
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