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How can I move a sim that's stuck in a glitch?

So i put my husband to teach my daughter to talk and then switched to control 1 of my other sims, my daughter finally learned to talk so i switched back to see both of them and noticed that they were frozen. My daughter just keeps talking but i can't cancel the action or move her. my husband is just literally frozen sitting in place and i can't use him at all. they're both starving and have to go pee but i can't take them to go.. the action came up that my husband was gonna pee himself but never did. i can't do anything at all with either of them and now my other sims came into the room and are reacting to my baby crying but she's not really crying she's just talking. i noticed they both are starting to stink cuz they've peed themselves and the action came up that they were gonna pass out cuz they're really tired. can someone please help me?! i really love the sims and have been playing this one since it came out i've achieved so much with this story i started and i really don't want to start over. PLEASE HELP!!!


Amykins--x answered:

Umm what if you just leave them and let them die? And then use the Divine Intervention to ressurect them? (If you bought it with the challenge points) not sure if it will work tho but worth a try I guess.
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happysteve789 answered:

This happend to me a while ago i left it for a long time but i would suggest that you just start over. And next time save often if you can.
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EmeraldJade101 answered:

You should save often to avoid that , it happened to me i just reloaded
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EmeraldJade101 answered:

You should save often to avoid that , it happened to me i just reloaded
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Yatol answered:

You could:
1:move your house old
2 kill the glitched sim
3reload a save file
4 start over
5 put the camera somewhere else (another area)
i hope its helps you and have fun. :)
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wiat09 answered:

Maybe you could try traveling all your sims to a place.
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player_002 answered:

Just travel to another city, that happened to me too, and i just traveled. Its gonna take a sec for the screen to load when leaving the house and loading the other city, but it will kick it out of the glitch mode.
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trancer78 answered:

After much searching I found this solution online that worked for the exact situation described.

Step 1 - Hover to the mailbox
Step 2 - Hold L2
Step 3 - Press X
Step 4 - Click reset and click the sim who is stuck
Step 5 - Voila your Sims are and not stuck anymore
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CrazedGamerGirl answered:

The same exact thing happened to me! How to fix it is first press ctrl+shift+c at the same time, then type: "resetSim firstname* lastname*"
** type in the first and last name of the sim you would like to unfreeze. For example, Chase Johnson is frozen, I would type in "resetSim Chase Johnson" and done!
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Maya_Yvette answered:

-hold: Ctrl shift C
-type: resetsim [First name] [Last name]
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