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My sim is stuck?

I was using the karma power "super satisfy" and it glitched out and now my sim is stuck. How do i move him?

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thrax22 answered:

Hover over the mailbox and hold LT,RT,LB,RB and A. When you press that over the mailbox, the reset sim option pops up and pick out the name of sim stuck.
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ValeriaRocks answered:

I would say go back a save, this game is filled with glitches. When i first started playing with multiple sims they had different jobs, but both had carpools at the same time, instead of 2 cars showing up, only 1 did and the other wouldn't even take the car to work. I waited for my only sim who could work to get a promotion(work hours changed) and my secondary sim never got to go to work again. I ended up quitting my job with him and rejoining the same career just for him to get demoted 3 levels.
Im not sure if The Sims 3 for console didn't hire enough beta testers or if the testers they did hire didn't do their job. I just wrote you my worst glitch story, I've heard of more from different people too. Don't get discouraged, just keep multiple saves and save every sim week to be safe.
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