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Asked: 4 years ago

How do you get free lots?

I want to build a new house with nobody in it but I can't find a free lot!

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First, you'll need enough $$ to buy these lots.
Secondly, i don't think there are any empty lots in this game.
Lastly, if you are determined to start your lot from scratch, i recommend demolishing one of your choice by going to 'Buy and Build' mode, and pushing 'Y' to bring up the sledgehammer and go crazy!! =)

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To get a Plain Lot(With the Mailbox and Trashcan only) you must:

1.Make sure you'r sim is home.
2. Hit select and go to the "Town Map" option
3.Find your house on the map and hit "A"
4. Hit the "Replace House"
(NOTE: this will delete the current house and all items inside, but will give money back)
5.Select the empty lot.

And there you go a empty lot for you to create your dream house.

Or do ValeriaRocks's Idea, witch is funner, but slower. :)

~Lifted Kyle

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