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How do i get a sim to move in with me?

I got married to a sim and she got pregnant. she had the baby. Now i want to get her to move in with me but idk how to.


TinglyButton answered:

Get your sims bar high . once the two of you become very close i believe that either the romantic or the friendly bar will have an option to move in
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ValeriaRocks answered:

*See answered question= How do i make my spouse move in?*
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madmerebear93 answered:

Ok to do this you have to be good friend and up i think. But when you are at your own house with the sim u want to move in you house just do a lot of friendly things not romance or funny or anything like that and eventually one option will come up that will ask that sim to move in with you. This is the same with a spouse or just a friend. Hope this helps =)
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Pathfinder50 answered:

You need to have the specific character fall in love with you or have their friendship meter full.Then the Question "Ask to move in" should appear.
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