Question from KayFrogg21

Why won't my Sims 3 character enter my house?

My character won't go past the sidewalk outside of the house. Above his head, it shows the thought bubble which has foot prints with a line through them and he stands there, clueless. I have had another character go outside and she came back in with no problems. I thought it might have had something to do with my fence, so I sold it, but nothing is working. HELP!


ValeriaRocks answered:

Ok do you have foundation at your house? If so you WILL need stairs leading up to your front door with flooring in between, not directly in front of the door cuz the path will be blocked. That could have been why there was a slash through the footsteps.
It also could have been that ur second sim, who made it into the house, blocked the path of ur original sim.
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LongLiveLegos answered:

I have the same problem. I can`t solve it. Sorry.
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LongLiveLegos answered:

But if I may help, let me add that the sim cannot go ONTO THE PROPERTY. At all. My sim is getting frusturated and sleepy. I have another forum page and am frantically searching the whole Internet. I`ll tell you if I find anything. *sigh*
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foxbody50 answered:

I had this problem as well. To fix this simply bring up your cell phone and select the move option. Select everyone in your family, unless you wish to leave them behind. Sell your furniture so you'll have more money to fall back on ( you'll get everything you had back again ) and move into the opposite starter house you had the option of moving into at the begging of the game.

Once you are there simply repeat these steps above and buy back your old house with the furniture in it. you will be able to play the game as if nothing happened.
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WepFoi answered:

I know this is an old question, but I wanted to post this in case it helps someone. I had the same issue with my sims unable to enter their houses, but found a fix. Go to build mode, from there go to terrain tools (little mound of dirt with a shovel sticking out of it-- to the very right of build mode). After you select terrain tools, select "flatten lot" (little line with one arrow pointing down). Hopefully this does not mess with your build too much, but I found it did work for me. You could try flattening sections with the other option "level terrain" to make a level pathway from your sidewalk to your house but I haven't experimented with that, so I don't know if it works. Flatten lot did the trick for me though, good luck!
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