Question from emmersbear

Asked: 4 years ago

Random pizzas?

I have been finding random pizzas around my house (usually when they're spoiled). I did not order them. Am I getting charged for them and does anyone know why they are appearing?

Additional details - 4 years ago

**This has happened multiple times to my sim that lives alone.

Accepted Answer

From: Dajoden 3 years ago

I think its a glitch in the game because it happens to me even if I have just a 1 sim household and he comes back from work.

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They used to appear for me too, [Once I'd been at work & another sim was at home] I presume the sim left at home calls for the pizza instead of cooking.

Just try and make sure any other sims are in another building.

Hope This Helps.

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I've been getting them too. I remodeled my kitchen and accidentally deleted my fridge. Haven't bought a new one. Every day I come home from work there is a new "Good Quality" Pizza waiting for me.
I'm not complaining.
Maybe it as to do with the fridge?

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I have been finding random pizzas around my house in sims 3 ps3 on the table!

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