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Can I change my lifetime wish?

My female Sim just completed the 'Gold Digger' lifetime wish, and I was just wondering if it's possible to pick a new lifetime wish for her now that she's already completed one?

tiffehkupo provided additional details:

I tried using the happiness points and it didn't let me, so I actually don't think you can, once you've completed a lifetime wish. :/

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Ashkantehrany answered:

If you complete it no But if you didnt you can change it with 10000 happiness points. I hope it helps you.
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codymcclain14 answered:

I don't believe so. I mite be wrong. But I'm pretty sure you can only have 1 Lifetime wish per sim.
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ValeriaRocks answered:

Yes u can. It costs 10,000 happiness points. Open ur stats by pressing X in gameplay, then use the bumpers 2 find ur happiness points. From there click on ur points 2 open ur happiness points menu and select change lifetime wish, I've personally never done it b4, but i believe u can only do so once per sim, so don't say i didn't warn u. =p
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Yatol answered:

When finished the liftime wish you cant but if not use mid life crisis
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AngelCake418 answered:

Yes you can change your lifetime wish it does cost alot of happiness points but that does not matter as long as you have enough then your fine if you dont then your doomed until you can get more...
does anyone know how to change your teenage sims trait because i cant figure out how my adult can but my teens cant please help me if you know.
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AngelCake418 answered:

Midlife crises only changes the sims trait not their lifetime wish....!
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