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Can you get twins?? If so, how?

On the challenge thingy, it said that one challenge you can complete is getting twins and triplets. So how do you do that??

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greenlady99 answered:

Get the Fertility Reward (Lifetime Rewards) to get a better shot at it. Also I heard a Sim in the Medicine Career can help the pregnant Sim (haven't tried it tho).
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happysteve789 answered:

You need to either buy the lifetime reward OR you could have the sims be a doctor both ways it is easy to do, or you could just get lucky!
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PrincessXBandit answered:

While your female sim is pregnant, try watching the KIDZ TV channel and listening to the KIDZ Music Station.

I recently had twins (in the game) and I don't know how, but then I noticed that during the pregnancy, I kissed and did more romantic things with my husband that usual so that might be how you can get twins too...

Good luck!!!!!! :)
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