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Sim resurrection?

This is actually a multi-part question.

1. Can a Sim be brought back to life multiple times?
1b. Is there a limit/ what is it?
2. When they are brought back, which stage of life are they in?
3. When one is brought back, are their skills effected (lifetime rewards, lifetime wishes, relationships, etc.)?
4. What downsides are there to resurrection?


mjpk13 answered:

1. Yes, no there is no known limit to it
2. The same age group as they died in, (kid = kid,teenager = teenager, young adult = young adult, adult, elderly) (babies and toddlers can't die, kids can, but not from starvation, only from fires and drowning)
3. No, only their jobs or school are gone kids/teenager don't need to go to school and (young) adults, teenagers, elderly instantly loose their jobs (it also zero's the royalties from writing) this also meaans they'd have to start over if you want the same job again. Kids and teenagers can instantly return to school, but their grades are also reduced to the zeropoint
4. That besides being tricky; having ambrosia (Having a sim who has learned the recipe, ingrendients deathfish and lifefruit ) or if the karmapower divine intervention working, the cost of the ingredrients or karma (75 pts), for further info see question awnser 3

and additionl info having the unlucky attribute on a sim, a deathflower in inventory instantly ressurrects a sim if he/she dies
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