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At wedding, sims won't get married? Help

In my game I have married 2 couples by private marriages and now I want their kids to get married ( they are Not related) I have set up 3 wedding parties up for them now and there is no option for them to get married I've tried friendly and romantic covo's and actions but even their parents can't help, what should I do?? Do they need to have a certain traits? Do they need to talk with guests before They can marry? And I tried to have a private wedding for them but the option won't show up. I'm stumped


PrincessXBandit answered:

Either it's a glitch or your doing something wrong.

I've never had a private wedding, only public ones (in my house, though) and this is what I usually do:

Awesome Party Make Out (I THINK you have to be a party animal to do that though.)
Get Married

You don't have to talk to the guests, but you MIGHT have to talk to the person that your getting married to first.

Sorry that I'm not much of a help. But anyways, good luck!!!!!!!! :)
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