Question from ValeriaRocks

Asked: 3 years ago

Bait Help - How do i catch perfect fish?

I've caught every kind of fish, but I'm missing a few prefect fishes. I've done Lettuce to catch Perfect Goldfish, Goldfish to catch Black Goldfish, etc. Here's a list of the ones i havent yet used the right bait for...
Angelfish, Blowfish, Deathfish, Lobster, Robot, Salmon, Shark, Swordfish & Vampire.
Plz Help cuz i dont wanna get stuck now.

Accepted Answer

From: ValeriaRocks 3 years ago

I figured out there are books at the bookstore that can help me with this. After reading the specific books per fish, I found the baits for the fish i was looking for in the skill journal. Sucks that it won't show me at the 'Bait Screen,' I guess they want me to invest more time into this game.

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