Question from vader0706

Asked: 4 years ago

Where can I find the deathfish?

Title says it all really?

Accepted Answer

From: ValeriaRocks 4 years ago

To get the Deathfish you will need 2 use Angelfish as bait at the little pond in front of the Catacombs (Northwest on town map), during about midnight and 5am when the ghosts are out. My problem was that i was getting there literally in the time period mentioned above, but you need to leave your house around 11pm in order for this 2 not be a waste of time. If you get there and ghosts are already out, you are too late. Also it may take some time, so have a few Angelfish precaught. Angelfish can be found at the Fung Shuway Garden(Im positive that is misspelled =p). Well i hope that helps, keep gaming! =)

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