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Asked: 3 years ago

What's an easy way to get lifetime happiness points?

I'm an achievement whore and was just wondering so I can get 250k lifetime happiness points. Oh, and to buy those neat rewards.

Another question I'd like to ask, that's related to the lifetime rewards, is the mid-life crises reward. Can you use that reward more than once on one sim?

Also, once you unlock a lifetime reward; it's permanent, right? Or is it that for the challenge rewards?

As you can see, I'm a bit lost. ;)

Additional details - 3 years ago

*Cheats disable achievements for the Xbox 360.
*You can only have ONE lifetime wish per Sim, right?
*And lastly, at the ending of your post, "The easiest for me was having the four kids or have like 20 girlfriends/boyfriends.", it sounds to me like you were talking about challenges.

The problem with posting a question here, on Gamefaqs, is someone could post a complete asinine answer and it wouldn't show up on the front of the answers section. I'm not saying the first answer was asinine - what I'm saying is, is that it wasn't completely thought out and the poster's knowledge of the game was so low that he or she shouldn't have answered this question.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Thank you all for your all of your answers. I don't know which one to choose because they are all mixed about and helpful. If you don't mind, I would like the voters to choose.

It seems to me that pretty much the only way to get this challenge/achievement is through time.

And lastly, I would just like to say no offence to any of you and thanks again.

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Do like me and use cheats. Get spoot the magic lama and collect LH points from him. If you don't want to use cheats, then just complete lifetime rewards. The easiest for me was having the four kids or have like 20 girlfriends/boyfriends. Yes the lifetime reward is permanent. I think....

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Well, he means the LTW`s SURROUNDED BY FAMILY, and then what seems to be a cross between SUPER POPULAR and HEARTBREAKER.
I don`t use cheats. You`re right. They ruin the game. Having a "Neurotic" sim will make them get wishes like "Wash Hands 3 Times" or "Make Bed". For non-Neurotic sims, have them talk to people, build skills, and visit random places to get wishes. Also, check their traits. My "Commitment Issues" sim kept getting girlfriends, and everytime he did, he`d have the wish to break up with her.

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LTRs don`t carry on through save files, if that`s what you`re asking. Only for that one person, that one game.

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Fullfill a Sims lifetimewish for Lifetimehappinesspoints and yes you use midlifecrisis more than once

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okay. this still looks unanswered. so.....lifetime happiness rewards are perminent for that sim. the next sim you make or marry or umm....."create" will not have that reward. the rewards from challenge points are infact perminent to your gamer profile. now the easiest way to get lots of reward points (or so i think) is
1. have children (you get wishes like pick up Jim) if ur kids name is jim. but they have little value about 300

2. get skills one at a time and the wishes will come up like "paint something worth $300.

3. do like me and become a writer. if you complete the wish to write 60 books you get about 40k points. (just do fiction or nonfiction they are shortest books you can write)

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P.S. yes you can use mid life chrisis more then once.

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