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Where can i put the M203 Grenade launcher ?

anyone knows in which weapon can i put the M203 GRENADE LAUNCHER (level 28) in survival mode?

cabese provided additional details:

yes but in which kind of weapon can i put it? because i don't find any that allow the M203

cabese provided additional details:

many thanks for the help :D


chutsaran answered:

select your own weapon at gun shop. it's show message <UPGRADE> at Price column
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deadwerewolf22 answered:

Any assault rifle should be able but you have to be a high enough level then you go to the gun you want buy it and upgrade it so it can have the M2O3
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th3mo5twant3d answered:

You'll need a assault rifle to use the grenade launcher attatchment, a M4A1, AK47, SCAR-H, ACR 6.8 and the FAD are the best for use as a grenadier weapon.
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