Question from DarkHarvenger

Is there a co-op campaign?

Is there a co-op feature for campaign play or is it only restricted for special ops. Thanks I just wanna know before I but it if they did something new, still getting it no matter what?

BennyYahoocom asked for clarification:

did u ever beat MW3 on vetern?


mcj622 answered:

There is no Co-Op campaign. You can only play the Spec-Ops missions with another player.
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OssimFace answered:

No, it's only for Spec-Ops.
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Punisher_X2 answered:

Spec ops can be played either solo or with a friend localy or online. Some missions in spec ops require a second player in order to be played.
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UmbreonMaster25 answered:

No, there was no Co-Op campaign made for it, but there is the Spec-Ops or you can go to Survival as both can be played with two players and some Spec-Ops missions require two people to be played.
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