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All All Questions for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Enemy/Boss Help Answers
How do I beat Makarov? 5
How do I get better at multiplayer? 8
Sniper Rifles? 1

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Is there a web-site? 2

Item Location Help Answers
Are bots enabled for multplayer while playing by yourself? 2
Are the weapon stats in muti player the same for survilal? 3
Assault rifle help? 3
Barret .50 caliber? 2
Does intel unlock you cheats like MW1 or is it pointless like MW2? 2
How can i wear a ghillie suit? 2
How do I use the Precision Airstrike effectively? 1
If you spend a token on unlocking equipment does it stay unlocked forever? 6
Is there an unlock list for titles and emblems? 7
Marine gun Camo? 1
Pro perk information? 3
Tteddy bears / peter? 2
Veteran Gun Challenges? 2
Where can I find (Teabag title)? 1
Where can I find the M14 assault rifle? 2
Anyone know how to get the titles in yellow or The Anarchist and stuff like that for multiplayer? 2
Best attachment for the Dragunov sniper? 1
Emblems & titles offline? 2
Gear unlock? 2
Gold camo? 7
Grenade throw back ? 11
How can I retrieve the intel from the slide in Persona non Grata? 1
How do fly a Recon Drone? 1
How Do I Find Out Which Intel I'm Missing? 6
How do I get some really cool titles and emblens? 1
How do I get the bow down title, with the cat's with mustaches? 2
How do i Unlock the M.O.A.B? 2
How do you get more prestige tokens? 4
How do you get the living dead emblem and player card? 2
How do you use the MOAB? 8
Is the My Little Pwny title still in the game? 3
Skeet Shooter? 3
Survival Mode buy all weapons achievement? 1
The Specialist? 2
What does the holographic sight do differently then the red dot sight? 10
What rank do you have to be to unlock final stand? 1
Where do i get more grenades and ammo? 2
Which one is worth the buy? 6
Why is meleeing more damaging than bullets? 6

Other Help Answers
Best way to power level in multiplayer? 0
Do any Call of Duty games for XBOX 360 have Co-op Campaign? 0
How does the mini map work? 0
How does the mini map work? 0
Weapon Challenges for the Javelin rocket launcher? 0
What do the white dots mean on the mini map during a free for all online? 0
where is the prestige shop on Xbox 360? 0
Are there any benefits to prestige? 1
Assault Juggernaut: M60 proficiency? 1
Can i join anybody elite clan for xbox 360? 3
Do requirements for titles carryout through different prestiges? 2
Do you get to keep weapons in Survival Mode? 2
Dos the game support 4 players competitive offline ? 3
Founder member help!!!??? 2
Good rushing class? 4
GT and COD Elite? 2
Help? 2
How can i play split-screen on lan network ? 2
How do you delete/reset your online stats for mw3 on xbox? 5
How do you watch the prologue? 1
I can't play well in game? 3
Is there a co-op campaign? 4
Is there a third person mode in mw3? 4
Local multiplayer like MW2? 3
Multiplayer Maps? 3
Multiplayer? 2
MW3 or Black Ops? 1
New achievements help? 1
New Infected game mode? 3
Ninja Defense? 2
Not getting achievements? 3
Play mw3 any1? 2
Prestige resets? 3
Prestige tokens? 1
Prestiging in Spec Ops? 2
Ranking Up? 4
Specialist perks working properly? 1
Tokens? 2
Turtle Beach DX11? 2
What are all the accolades or how do u get them? 2
What are the pre-order packages for the different stores? 2
What happens when i found all intel items on campaign? 3
What is the new BS in MW3? and what makes the multiplayer bad or boring in your opinion? 2
Where can i put the M203 Grenade launcher ? 3
Who does the voice of makarov? 1
Who has mw3 elite clan? 2
Why didn't Infinity Ward develop a bad guys campaign? 1
Why do teammates Laydown in front of teammates facing eachother and blocking you? 1
Why doesnt the achievments show up on my list ? 1
Will you ever insert zombies in MW3? I think it's better than survival. 3
(Can you go against comps on multiplayer in MW3?) 1
are we can drive a car in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3? 1
Arms dealer, defense spending, danger zone achievements? 2
Can you check your M.O.A.B. count? 1
Can you use 2 separate accounts online in MW3? 3
Combat Training? 2
Does the offline split screen have a leveling system? 3
Does the player die in Campaign mode? 1
Extra Prestiges for Premium Members Only? 1
Founder status? 1
How can you host a spec ops public game? 1
How do I check my stats for individual maps? 1
How do i complete all the challanges for a specific weapon? 1
How do i earn unlocks? 1
How much exp does it take to prestige? 3
I have a question about prestigeing with a golden gun? 1
Is there a way to level up faster online? Please help... 1
Is this game worth getting? 4
Is this killstreak true? 7
Kill streaks?? 3
Mountain Dew and MW3? 1
Mutliplayer? 1
MW3 Prestige Tokens? 1
My two hours will gone away??? 1
Release date? 5
Reseting Stats? 1
Split screen Multiplayer? 1
Split-screen LIVE on MW3? 3
Survival mode more than 2 players? 2
The ? Achevment 1
What are prestige tokens? 1
What is the little icon next to people's names in the multiplayer lobby? 2
When is the beta/demo Released??? 1
Why can i only choose two of my created classes? 1
Why is beating the campaign give me 100.3%? 2
Why is there no prestige edition? 3
Will i like this game if i hated black ops? 4
Will there be special editions for MW3? 4
Yeah... so I heard MW3 sucked? 1

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