Question from Kyle8275

Why do I not get points for playing online?

I played both Ranked matches and Tourney games but the stats never change.
I dont know if it is because I bought the game straight from the trial or if there is a larger technical issue. any info would be great! thank you!


HoshunMk112 answered:

If your opponents quit before the score shows up, then you are not earning points (neither are they losing them). Likewise, you don't earn points for losing matches.

If, however, you are winning matches, the score does show up, and your opponent does not quit out on you ... then you've got some sort of bug, one no one else has mentioned, and might want to provide more info.
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captainpeen answered:

I got it off trial game too its some sort of bug and i hate it i would of got the achievement 50 times over in not for this bug.
I tried deleteing and redownloading the game it must be deep in the game then and i dont think there a sulution exept wait for a patch.
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