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Assassin's creed brotherhood?

Can you bring your stuff from assassins creed 2 like money and weapons
Into the new game ?
Or inport your character into the new game ?

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Ubisoft currently have withheld any information on such a feature. It may be possible due to the fact the ps3 version had unlockable content if you had assassin's creed bloodlines. It is most likely they will because the game takes place at the exact finish of AC2. Hope this helped

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The latest news from ubisoft is it takes off as soon as ACII but it just resting for a while (Woot Woot)

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Doesn't look like this feature made it into Brotherhood. Without giving anything away, the storyline does give explanation about why Ezio no longer has his stuff from AC2.

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In the very beggining of the game, you have to escape rome with uncle mario and thats strait after you killed the spainyard---so you get your weapons and armor for the first sequence but then the what happends next is a spoiler.

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