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Can you kill civilians?

First game it was like gta where you can kill anyone, second game they screwed it up and didnt allow you to kill civilians. I havent purchased the 3rd yet but just wanted a heads up, can you do it or is it like the 2nd?

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faithntubz answered:

YES. I do often... I bribe the herald then loot his body. Does that make me a bad person (Nothing is true, everything is permitted.)
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Dren_Lithear answered:

Yes, just like the last game you certainly can. However you will get warnings againa nd de-sync if you kill too many in a short amount of time.
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assassin4ev2011 answered:

you can kill people and every time you do it says Ezio can not harm civilians. If you keep killing the civilians, you will be desychronized
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Rx3whiteice answered:

heh heh of course you can! But are you really an assassin if you massacre civilians?
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gamer654321 answered:

Yeah you can, but don't do it too much. Don't go around and just randomly kill people when your in their way (yes, that also means the beggers and the people who sing to you!) One time I went to do an air assassination, but winded up killing a civilian sitting down lol
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