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Were is the offline multiplayer?

Ok so i got it so i cn play with my sis when she wines but i cant find the offline multiplayer. it says there is so there must be, but i cant find it.

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TsubaDude answered:

There is no offline mulitplayer. A split screen multiplayer wouldn't work well with the type of game where you hide from your opponents like in Assassin's Creed. Screen Peekers would have the unfair advantage.
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mike321730 answered:

You cant play offline. its written on the game box as well.
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Alberic913 answered:

TsubaDude's right, split screen would defeat the entire purpose of multiplayer in AC:B. It'd be too hard not to peek, which would take away a great deal of the skill in finding your target - you have to follow the compass and look for anomalous behavior.
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