Question from gatordude1991

Asked: 4 years ago

Where is the yellow Romulus Treasue at in Rome?

in Rome there is a yellow Romulus Treasure indicator on the map but i cant seem to find it anywhere.

Accepted Answer

From: mrcheesete0 4 years ago

The treasure is down the stairs, and into the underground lair, keep going down and down as far as you can, till you come to a wide open room that is no longer a hallway. Crawl up the walls of some of the stuff till you see the doorway set at a higher level in the wall than the floor, go in the doorway and there is a big treasure room.

First you must go to all the lairs of Romulus and get the keys though

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Submitted Answers


Where you killed the borgia captain for that tower it's right before you go through to arch way to kill him look right.

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Where do you find the keys/scrolls of romulus?

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At other romulus lairs

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Above the place where you killed the Borgia guard correpsonding to the nearby tower.

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