Question from Risax

Do you still have a hideout?

Maybe I'm being a little vague.
But in the trailer I saw Ezio's villa getting destroyed.
So where does Ezio store his armour and weapons now?
Does the villa get rebuild, or do you get a place in Rome?


dnaney1978 answered:

Yes. I believe it is unlocked after sequence 2. Its in the sewers on a little island
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MuNkY1265 answered:

There is a hideout on a small island that you get around that time and it does works as an armory, you can also assign your assassins when you get them view guild acheivments
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bjory7 answered:

Yes, there's a hideout out on Isle Tiberina. It can be accessed through a front door, a door on the roof, the tunnels ("Tiber Island Hideout") or a little sewer you can swim into at the base of the island.
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