Question from whippester_1

Are there glymphs in this game?

Also a eden viedo.

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Wolfmeister101 answered:

Yeah. Theres no "eden" video. Instead, when you get all the glyphs, you get transported to a digital unviverse somewhere in the animus. in there, Theres a long couse you have to complete. At the end, you find a hologram of subject 16. Not going to say anything more. Don't wanna spoil it.
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dnaney1978 answered:

Yes... They function the same way they did in ac2
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Drake6978 answered:

Yes, there are glyphs. There is one minor difference in this game, though. In order to access the content hidden by subject 16, you have to actually grab on to the glyph while in eagle eye mode, and attempt to climb inside it. You cannot simply stare at it up close as in AC2
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faithntubz answered:

No 'eden' vid tho. Something else entirely. enjoy
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