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Asked: 4 years ago

I didnt buy the game for the box art Ubisoft!?

I just bought AC 2: Brotherhood and the game either freezes during campaign or the 360 tells me it cant read the disc when i try to go online. Is this happening with anyone else and what can i do?

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I haven't had a single problem with mine personally. Some people are having problems like you though.

My xbox is in a nice open area that I dust frequently so my games never really encounter any disc reading or freezing errors. But I'm guessing a few of the copies were either a bit off or it's the Xbox itself.

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Lots of my friends, and even my brother have had these problems with their Xbox.

After about 2 years, a lack of using an InterCooler, and the playing of MANY heavy-duty games, (GTA: V, COD:MW2, Oblivion, and like 1 more I can't remember did it alot also)

Those three factors combined, cause your disk reader to stop functioning properly, and start being unreliable.

Thats MicroSoft for ya, crapy equipment

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lol Fail box

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@mrcheesete0 Ive had my xbox for about 2 years now,and have played many, many heavy duty games, and my console still runs like it came right out of the package. So idk where your getting that from

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