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Where can I find (shrunken heads)?

I realy need help !

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cloud4everalway answered:

There one in one of the Romulus Lairs
(sorry not sure which one. Just go through them all anyways and youll find it if you really explore)

Then theres another one on the cliffside just near the border in the south west area. If you look at you map, you see the most southern doctor in the Centrio District? Its the treasure straight SOUTH of that. You'll have to go up to the city area and go toward the cliffside and follow it around and its sitting there on a cliff. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have a question about them.
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Shelbystuar9 answered:

You can find them in treasure chests or by looting bandits that attack you randomly.
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ROFLMEOW answered:

Unfortunately, there's no way to obtain specific trader items. It's all a matter of luck. I've found only one shrunken head so far, and I've been playing since the game was released. I'm pretty sure I got it from a chest. The bandits always give me Indian diamonds, sapphires, Vlad the Impaler coins, and silk. I have enough of those items alone to buy Rome all over again, and still no second shrunken head. In addition to what Shelby pointed out, another way to get trade items is to send your assassin recruits on special contract missions that give items as rewards.
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Sneaky_Assassin answered:

There are only 2 in game one is in the Lair The sixth day to the right of the cross in main church down a small alley

The other is in a treasure chest north of the Thieves hideout.
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assassin4ev2011 answered:

it all depends on what you find in your treasure chest. Go to an art merchant (after sequence 3 or 4) and purchase a treasure map. Find and open all treasure chests, but not those where it says areas are not available. And if that doesn't work out, do what cloud4everalway did: find them in one Romulus lair
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Kricci754 answered:

i found one in a chest inside the Palazzo Laterano Shrine
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Ulvirfaust answered:

Ok, so where is the Palazzo Laterano Shrine exactly?
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