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Issues with Seeing Red sequence? (Spoiler*)

Yeah, I started the mission, went to the meeting place with the Green Circle, and nothing happened. I waited around for a bit and still nothing. Is there something I'm missing, or something i didn't do? I've actually gotten bored waiting and went around killing guards with the Apple, its quite entertaining. But seriously, i have no idea what to do with this green circle.

mrcheesete0 asked for clarification:

Whats the name of the mission, which sequence is it in, and when you press start, what does it say your Main and Secondary goals are?


cloud4everalway answered:

I just figured this mission out while I got to it for the first time. typed my other answer while playing that mission. Anyways theres this guy your suppose to FOLLOW (not kill) and he's in front of one of those buidings. Not far from the Colosseum, probly just alittle ways across from it. However he does go into the the Colosseum. I found him by mistake while looking around to proceed the mission. He looks like one of those red robe and big red hat people. just look for him around( you might have to use Eagle Vision to find him because I had mine on when I was looking around for clues). Anyways good luck finding him (It actually is a guy so look for a guy with that red robe outfit)
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