Question from DMan823

Puzzle answers for subjuct 16, clusters 7 and 10?

Cant figure out sypher for 7 and got frustrated with 2nd set of pictures in 10 about 4 in the morning so i just cut the damn thing off.


Bloodgod32491 answered:

For 7 the Sypher cmzk is the passcode for 10 I haven't gotten past the 10 pictureif you can help put it down
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AraYmFFM answered:

Cluster 7

4=C 8=M 2=Z 1=K

Cluster 10


first row, from left to right, 3 and 4
second row, 1, 3 and 5

sypher :

4=89 0=5 4= 334 8=21

the rest should be easy to figure out (the chess board ^^)
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Mito_Chael answered:

i think they wrote it wrong on the wheel, if you add the numbers: 2+3=5, 3+5=8, and so on, then it should be 13+21=34, but they write 24 and mess it all up, then it should be 21+34=55, not 45, and then 34+55=89, wich is the correct one, but this game is full of errors like that, wich is too bad since AC2 was so well done, i hope they do it better in the next game, since this is the best storyline in any game ever. Pull yourself together and do it right next time Ubisoft....but i just see what they have done now: they multiply the "10`s" and add the "1`s" , stupid me.
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