Question from faithntubz

Where the heck is Lucy?

She disappears in the middle of the game and then returns.No explanation whatsoever.

faithntubz provided additional details:

Not then, after that. I looked all around monterigilioni coudn't find her.

faithntubz provided additional details:

There's food on the table. Alas... I'm guessing there was an oversight whilst programing.

Accepted Answer

Risax answered:

She sends everyone a schedule, no?
She is probably outside of the town getting food and scanning the area.

That, or she is meeting up with that William guy that keeps sending her and Shaun mails.
William is probably also the guy you hear when the credits start rolling.
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serenitydnb answered:

She's outside. Go out into the Monteriggioni area and she's right outside where you can talk to her.
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Nex_Krig answered:

yeah I've been looking as well to no avail
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bjory7 answered:

Sometimes she goes into town to buy food? Who knows.
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