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Is there a limited amount of missions that are available for your assassin apprentices?

If there are, then you could potentially end up with a full rag-tag team of level 1's...

I assume that there is an unlimited amount of missions for your apprentices to go on, but I would like confirmation.

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secondchance92 answered:

The contracts reset after you do a few of them, Even the Specific contracts like King maximus needs help traning an army, I've done that one twice =/ But assault a banker and all those keep repeating after a while and range in difficulty so your never run out of contracts just need to wait a lil bit lol, I'am still trying to do them all but when i get like 5 contracts left i get like 8 more
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gimliskar answered:

After each memory is completed new assassin contracts become available.

Once you get one assassin to about level 7 or so they can do the ~400-500 exp mission solo so its a good idea to send a lvl 1 with them to snatch up ~200 exp and jump from lvl 1 to about lvl 4.

Also works for the 2k+ missions if you have 3 Lvl 10, a level 8-9 and a 1.
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