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Asked: 4 years ago

Where is Lucy?

I went and talked to her the first time she went out side and then after the next sequence she was gone and i cant find her anywhere?

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Just keep playing it'll be explained.

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I think I know what part your talking about. Try checking outside, theres a part when you talk to her she goes outside for some reason. So yeah try outside.

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Um I first found her outside one time to look at the moon but then every other time I come out, she's not at her workstation or anywhere visible outside... I'm going to wait for Phill119's answer and see where it explains where she is at. @_@'''

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I've just done tjhis bit, and when i spoke to her outside, she was back inside, sitting on a box to the right of her desk

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I am at the same part u are talkin about, I believe its during memory sequence 6 that she disappears. Im still not sure where she is tho...

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