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Unequipe weapons and armour?

Can weapons and armour be unequipe in an Assassins Creed Brotherhood?

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blue_devil_99 answered:

You can change weapons or equipped armor by visiting a blacksmith (select a previously purchased item again to re-equip it). You can also change weapons by interacting with the weapon racks in Ezio's hideout (this is the only way to change to quest/unique weapons). You can also switch to bare fists at any time through the weapon wheel (RB on the Xbox 360).

You can also equip outfits earned in quests or purchased via Uplay through the Inventory menu in the Animus screen. These act as skins that go on top of armor, so for example purchasing the Florentine Noble outfit causes Ezio to appear to not be wearing any armor while still receiving the stat benefits of armor.
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HoshunMk112 answered:

Weapons, sort of - you can use your bare hands by bringing up the weapon select wheel and selecting the fist.

Armor, I don't believe you can unequip.
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