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Role Model Achievement?

In the multiplayer, I cannot seem to get the Role Model Achievement which has the following requirements: Get all the co-op bonuses in one match. If you look under the Team Bonus section the only two co-op bonuses are Co-Op Kill and Co-Op- Stun and I've gotten both of those in one match. What am I missing or doing wrong? Thanks!


HoshunMk112 answered:

Pretty sure it means all of the ones under Team Bonus.
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coza124 answered:

The best way to get this achievement is to do this in manhunt (i dont have this achievement yet eather)
The Team bonuses are:
1. Co-op Kill-Kill a target locked on by your teammate
2. Co-op Stun- Stun a pursuer locked on by your teammate
3. Diversion- Kill a target who your teammate is chasing
4. Rescue- Stun a pursuer chasing your teammates
5. Multi-Kill- In less then 10 seconds, your team kills 2 targets in a row
6. Knockout- In less then 10 seconds, your team stuns 2 pursuers in a row

Hope this helps you
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