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Asked: 4 years ago

What items are used for shop quests?

I don't want to accidently sell something I need. Can someone tell me which items are needed for the trade in quests?

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From: rincewind1990 4 years ago

I'm only on sequence 6 and these are the ones that are listed on the shop quests.

Doctor(Venomous): 5 Tomatoes, 3nutmeg, 1 Aconite to make the fast poison.

Blacksmith(Exotica): 2 Shrunken heads, 3 Elephant Ivory, 3 Indian Diamond
Blacksmith(Blood money): 7 Vlad The Impaler Coins
Blacksmith(Faith): 3 Terracotta pots, 2 totems, 2 buddhist prayer beads

Art shop(Trendsetting): 3 Pomander, 3 Ambergris, 1 papaver Silvaticum

Clothes shop(Pulling threads): 8 silk, 5 Cardinal's purple dye.

I don't know if more is added ever sequence or if they are randon but I would recomend not selling anything until you are certain you are done with the shop quests. if you really need money then i suggest you pickpocet (Pressing A when walking next to someone). it's easy and even though you rarely earn over 20f a go.

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