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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i get up to the aquaduct viewpoint?

I swear ive spent almort an hour trying to find the way up it but i us cant find any way up it... anyone know how to

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There is an architect near where the water is falling who will rebuild the broken part for a price providing that you have ignited the nearby tower

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You have to burn a borgia tower nearby when u have done that talk to the architect near the aquaduct and u have to pay 2000-3000 florins to rebuild the aquaduct.

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Sorry this really isnt an answer just an added tid bit, but where the hell are some of the architects I went around a couple broken aquaducts and their distinctive chubby selves are nowhere to be found

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The game does not allow u to get dat aQUEDUCT viewpoint too early in sequence 7[the baron de valois] the borgia tower near it getz unlocked so the architect below the aqueduct will repair the aqueduct granting easy access through stairs(which u might have seen located on a building)to the viewpoint

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