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Promotion incantation?

When Ezio promotes someone in the Brotherhood to the rank of Assassino, he gives this mini-speech/incantation/initiation while doing so. Does anyone know, word-for-word, what he says? If someone could rather post a link where it all can be found, or just paste it in an answer, that'd be much appreciated. Please and thankyou!

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I know that, but i just want to know what he does say. Or possibly even the whole exerpt. With all my research, I can't find any document or anything giving exactly what he says, or what the whole speech is


secondchance92 answered:

When Ezio promotes someone he does a shorter version of the real speech which will only happen once during the story where he explains more of the small two quotes he says when the screen black outs for the dive of faith
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dreadwyrm answered:

If you turn on English subtitles, it should translate for you.
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garethfurbank answered:

The line is "Laa shay'a waqi'un moutlaq bale kouloun moumkine" which is (roughly) Arabic for "Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted."
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