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5th Romulus Lair?

I'm having trouble getting to this particular lair. I can see the door, just can't get to it.

It's the one nearly in the center of the Campagna District.

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kyro102 answered:

^all correct. The aqueduct is the one just SE of that lair
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bjory7 answered:

There are two requirement for this one. There's a certain Aqueduct your have to repair to get into it, as well as being sufficiently advanced in the game. Sorry I can't remember which Aqueduct, but when you repair it will notify you that the Lair of Romulus is accessible.
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Ronalam answered:

after fixing it, hang on the left side and drop down and catch the ledge, then climb up a little bit and shimmy around the corner, and advance jump/grab the ledge to get in. Just did last night and it was tricky.
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TDPHONE answered:

Ppls each of the lairs get unlocked by completing sequences i have already already beat this game its asome but all the work 4 a suit of armor i mean the its good cuz u dont have to repair it but i kinda wished they left the armor off of the second 1 on this 1 cuz it looks good but over all the game is asome
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