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When do you find/train assassins?

I have already read questions on how to train them but what I want to know is when, and how do you come across being able to train assassins? I am currently in the early part of DNA sequence 4. Does this ability come across later on as you progress in story?


Raixyn answered:

Well did you destroy a Borgia tower? You must destroy Borgia towers to unlock slots for new recruits
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Raixyn answered:

Also, the way I train them is send them on contracts at the assassin tower/ pidgeon coops, it takes time hut that's the best way to train them, try sending multiple assassins on a strong mission so the odds of success is high.
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awesomealtair answered:

First before you start to train them there should be some borgia towers when you can burn them down burn them and then there should be a picture of a x on your map and u want to go to there and save the civilian and you have to help him when you are done saving him he will join the brotherhood of the assassin's you can send him on contracts and that will train him or you can signal him and he will help you kill guards and that will train him to
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