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How do I solve the puzzles with keys and code wheel?

I always get stuck on the glyphs with the code wheels on them and Shaun never seems to help, can someone please give me a clue on how to solve these?


rincewind1990 answered:

I presume you are talking about the ones where you select a picture to zoom in on and then have to crack a code and not te spinning plate ones

Well it changes depending on the cluster but generally the thing you have to look out for is when you zoomed in and are looking for the precise location keep an eye out for the templar symbol (The triangle thing that is the symbol of the evil company that are the bad guys in this game [cant remember how to spell it.]) once you have found it zoom in again and it should say at the top of the screen right coordinates found (or something similar.) if you are in the wrong place it will tell you so.

as for the wheel simply line up the symbols with the numbers listed at the top of the screen for example if the first number is a 3 with a straight line above it then turn the wheel so the straight line is above the 3 and then look at the number in the lower half of the screen and change that symbol so it matches with the correspond one on the wheel.

now, i think it's about the 5th or 6th one but eventually there will be symbols missing. simply do as above but if there is a blank space in the number you need then look at the one opposite and fine a symbol that is similar for example if the one you know is /// then the one you need is ////.

If you're still having trouble and just want it over and done with you can just google whatever cluster you're on and chances are you'll find a walkthrough.
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ROFLMEOW answered:

The last sentence of what rincewind said is the way to go. Some of those codewheel puzzles really have no reason or method to them. I spent a solid hour trying to figure out how the answer I found for one of them online could be found from the photos and the wheel, but there was nothing. Completely random. All the puzzles in AC2 at least had clues you could find or patterns to figure out. This part of the game disappointed me.
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Mito_Chael answered:

yes, cluster 5, 7 and 10 there is no logical solution, in 7 you have to find letters in the pictures, but there is no logic to it, it seems random.... have not figured 5 and 10 out yet, wich bothers me, since i could figure them all out in AC2, so now i have to do what i dont want to do, get the answer somewhere else, and just fill it in....too bad, hope they do it better in the next game.
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armongorest answered:

Any one where you have to spin the decoding wheel can be tough if blanks are included, but there IS logic behind them, even if they seem not to have them. If you run across one where the proper number is blank (you have the symbol and number aligned on the wheel, but the number you need has a blank symbol) try looking at whatever is opposite on the wheel (0-5, 1-6, 2-7, 3-8, 4-9) and check their symbol out. You'll notice ones that have symbols on both sides typically relate to eachother. So look for the symbol related to the opposite of the blank space you're looking for.
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Vokarma answered:

I'm probably a little out of date but thought I would add my input just in case. I have only done this for Cluster 7. The cursor, you will use on the pictures, show the numbers on the left and letters at the top which all relate to the wheel. If you look at them when the cursor is on the ring finger it shows the numbers and letters of the top key block. 8009/KR ? 9. If you move the cursor around it will change but still show the numbers/letters that are in the wheel including the two that are missing, no additional ones are shown. Thereby answering Shaun's hint question, where did they come from ?. So it should be possible to work from those two additional letters.
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