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Where to place Factions in the Buildings?

Does it matter what factions I choose to go in which buildings? I want to place them all where they are most useful


HoshunMk112 answered:

All it really does is slap a recruitable faction group at that location. Simply place 'em where you like 'em.

I make them all courtesan buildings personally.
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blue_devil_99 answered:

It does not really matter. Rennovating those buildings does count toward Rome being 100% rebuilt so just pick a faction and go with it. You can always re-renovate the building for a different faction if you want, you just have to pay the 900-1200f again, which late game is not a lot of money. Courtesans are probably the most usefull overall as so many of the missions involve tailing a target and the mobile, controllable cover is quite handy.
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Lethalbutters answered:

I usually place mercenaries in the more open places and thieves in the top left area where the town is. All for terrain reasons.
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