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Possible to do multi-kills?

I recall seeing multiple clips before the games release where it showed Ezio in combat countering and killing one opponent while throwing a knife at someone else. Are such multi-kills possible in-game? I'm just about at the end of the game and I've never seen it explained.

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vgnprime answered:

This game doesn't explain much. To use ur sub weapon (I.E. the gun is the subweapon for the sword, u can see a small gun symbol on the main sword symbol meaning the gun is the subweapon) start an execution streak by normally killing or countering then when u would target another guy and attacking to kill in one hit, hold the attack button instead. play around with this a bit, what should happen is ezio will stab ur original target and shoot another guy at the same time
Perhaps a clearer explanation can be seen here in ign's video
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