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where can I find the TOTEMS for the blacksmith quest?

I need the 2 totems for the blacksmiths quest. Where can I find them?

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raumfd613 answered:

I found three ways to get items,

1. Loot Bodies ALL THE TIME1 (haven't had to buy ammo or medicine yet!)
2. Loot Treasure chests
3. Have your Assassins fufill contracts, reward itmes are listed before accepting contracts.
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tnelly12 answered:

If you see a courier always chase them because they give you certain items and totems are one of them.
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Smelly_Mongoose answered:

I also noticed sometimes when you are in combat with guards another party will join in and attack both the guards and Ezio. I'm not sure what faction they are but they wear simple clothes and have bandanas tied around their faces. Anyway, every single one I've looted so far has produced an item. Purple dye anyone??
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PhilR1 answered:

I got a totem from one of the assassin contracts. Not sure if they have random loot or not but it would be a good idea to keep checking the contracts because new one's come up all the time.
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