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How do u get more items other then treasure borgia messenger captin or thives because on 1st playthrough i couldnt get any bounus itmes

robbert802 provided additional details:

YEH i forgot to say i already knew about that one 2 i was asking like can legacy give you items or are there things u can do for items over and over again.


rincewind1990 answered:

The only way i know other than the ones you've mentioned is when you send your recruits out on contracts there is some times star things indicating the difficulty. those contracts will give you items
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AkridHunter answered:

The only way to recieve Trade Items is through looting Bandits, Couriers, and PickPockets, as well as Treasure Chests, completing Missions, and sending Recruits on Unique (star-rated instead of diamond-rated) Assassination Contracts. Please note that Couriers are the only source of Aconite, and the Treasure Chest in the final area tunnels of 'The Sixth Day' holds the 2nd Shrunken Head.
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