Question from cloud4everalway

Problem with one of the courtesans missions?

Does anyone have a problem with trying to activate the courtesan mission north of Palazzo Senatorio? I cant talk to her to do the mission and all Ezio does is call for his horse. Is there a way to fix this?

cloud4everalway provided additional details:

The person is located near the Assassin's Tower that is just North of Palazzo Sentorio. Its also East of The Pantheon landmark. The courtesan looks like shes frozen. I tried bumping into her, shooting her with my weapons but nothing gets her unglitched.


hortys_999 answered:

i did have this problem as well, she's right near a doctor right? if thats the one i did have that problem, i just tried it anytime i was in the area & one time i did it & it activated the doctor & when i backed out of that she was talking to me to start the mission... maybe try just standing between her & the doc keep hitting Y/ triangle to talk to them & back out & see what happens. thats all i can recommend... lol. yeah, that was annoying for me as well...
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cloud4everalway answered:

Yes I believe she is next to a doctor. I'll try what you said and I hope it works cuz its the last one for them.
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MiRSol111 answered:

Try pushing the doctor out of the way by running into him or shoving him.
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cloud4everalway answered:

Actually I got it. Your method on trying to stand inbetween them worked. Funny though I had started over just to see the story again and I didnt have this problem. Probly playing through again fixed it or something. Anyways I recently achieved a 100% Total Sync for my main file. It was hard work but I feel good about achieving it.
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