Question from drmrguy

How do i get out of the red loading room? (Christina mission i think)

So I started something (Christina mission perhaps) and it transported me to a red version of the loading room. Started running after this girl and after about a minute gave up. walked over and couldn't interact with her, ran the other way and nothing happened. walked away and nothing happened. Can't exit the animus or interact with her in any way :(

drmrguy provided additional details:

Okay, figured it out, it was a major bug. If this happens, restart your system and the quest will load properly.


mr_404_Error answered:

Thanks, Idk but the christina memories take FOREVER to load in the first place. Thanks for the info tho!
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Raixyn answered:

It just loading the mission. That red screen is just for fun if u like chasing women down a random red loading screen :D
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