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Problem with guild challenges?

Can't seem to unlock the dive from a height of 25 meters. I have jumped off everything i could think off

gameslave3k1 provided additional details:

I can't seem to be able to preform a leap of faith off these points. I just jump into the water

Accepted Answer

Nomanisat answered:

When you jump, release the Legs button and then hold it down again, you should preform a dive instead of just jumping.
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Sneaky_Assassin answered:

Outside the barracks is a lake with a tower in the middle, dive off top of that.

Or your tib island hideout dive off the top of that.
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Hunter_Zero72 answered:

That's what you're supposed to do, dive into the water from the top of one of those points, it won't work if it's just a leap of faith.
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pistol81 answered:

It's quite tricky from the Hideout so as Sneaky Assassin said, go the barracks in Campagna and just south is the tower beside the lake. Leap of the top into a dive motion and bob's your uncle.
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