Question from Crystal_Dream

Can I get the outfit...?

That Ezio wore during the Christina missions?
That thing is awesome!

Crystal_Dream provided additional details:

Sorry, I meant the AC2 costume, although the Noble Attire is pretty nice.

Accepted Answer

dogknight6 answered:

If you mean the 17 year old version of Ezio before he was an assassins-that is 20 uplay points but if you mean the ACII outfit, that is a work in progress
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Sneaky_Assassin answered:

Nobleman one, yes it's available via uplay
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HBK6195 answered:

It is available for 20 Uplay points, it is pretty easy to get, all you have to do is sign up for U-play which is in the Main Menu and then earn some points by playing a little through the game.
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