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Landmark renovation glitch?

Landmark renovation glitch? I hope not...
Ok, so I've finished the main storyline, back in Rome, and decided i wanted to do all the shrines... I've done all of them except one, the one on the far east side of the map, at the start it is inaccessible... It's tucked away inside the sewerage thingy I think, with 3 or 4 bars above it, you can't get to it until you renovate the landmark...

Now, the bit I'm confused about is when I buy these landmarks for renovation, I get told how much more I get in florins every 20 mins etc, but the landmark itself doesn't change at all.. This happens with every landmark I buy, but not shops or tunnels aqueducts. They all fix up nicely, but the landmarks don't change... Am I missing something here? Do I have to buy the landmarks and THEN renovate them separately? And if so, how? Or is my game just glitched? I sincerely hope not... I love this game

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There are 8 broken aqueducts that you need to renovate in order for it to become accessible.
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